Adoption and Foster Care programs are at the heart of our mission.  We believe that all life is a blessing.  We work to provide a loving and caring home for children through our adoption and foster care services.

Foster Family/Kin Care

In 1916 the Catholic Children’s Bureau was established and staffed by Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Trinity, early Catholic pioneers in social work. Their work continues today through the dedicated efforts of the Foster Care Program and Adoption Services staff. At-risk children referred by any one of the ten Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA’s) are placed with resource (foster) families after extensive interviews and home studies by social workers to assure they are qualified and well prepared for the responsibility of foster care. The agency provides ongoing training and support and works with the assigned CUA case manager to coordinate services to the resource family, birth family and child in order to achieve a positive outcome. Resource parents are expected to be part of the professional team and provide mentoring to the birth family and support the relationship between the child and birth family. This team-based case management approach assesses the continued appropriateness of temporary placement and explores options for permanency through return to the birth family, placement with kin, or adoption. The agency is always in need of new resource families. You can help support this vital work by becoming a resource parent or helping us spread the word in your family, church or community.
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Adoption Services

Adoption is a blessing and a gift.  Our staff assist those seeking to adopt infants or foster children through the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN). Birth parents receive support and counseling.  We help birth moms make an informed choice for their child. Families interested in adopting a child are guided through a home evaluation.  They attend group educational sessions and receive support throughout the process. Children become available for adoption through referrals within the agency, community outreach or the agency’s participation in state and national programs.

There is no charge for services to birth parents, and adoptive parents pay reasonable fees as services are delivered.

We also help adult adoptees and birth parents of adult adoptees to meet if they want.  A small fee is charged for this service.

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